Saturday, November 1, 2008

will there be an end to sweatshops?

There are those who are pro-sweatshops and those who are anti-sweatshops so which view are you on? For me, I'm an anti for obvious reasons. Though these sweatshops provide a job for those who are unfortunate, it does not allow them to improve their lifestyle any. For one, the low pay is ridiculous and two, the way workers are treated are almost inhumane when compared to American workers. The work place there is strictly monitored. There is probably only one break for lunch and the rest of the hours are dedicated to finishing the garments in the quickest manner. Of course this is reality but must it be this way? Yes, sweatshops are beneficial to the buyers and consumers but does it all add up to what we want in the end? Because of sweatshops, our own people are suffering from finding a job to feed our own family because companies are relocating to other cheap laboring countries. We're sitting here pitying for families oversees who are working in these sweatshops but what about us? For this very reason, I am anti-sweatshops because there are other possibilities. People are always looking for the quicker way to do things but it always ends up digging us into a bigger hole. We never look at the picture entirely so we only see the problems as it arises but rarely of future happenings.


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