Monday, October 27, 2008

Art vs. Utility

Here, the Pringle of Scotland collection almost reminds us of walking canvases of art being painted on. Not only is this prominent in the clothing but also the design of the runway. Notice how the brush strokes in the floor resembles those on the apparel. A simple design with just a touch of art can make the collection appear more mesmerizing. That there is more that the designer wanted to tell us. It's another step to expression. In this collection, we see that though art is being used, it's not over-used and still works as a functional piece of of work.
In Versace's collection, very detailed graphics are printed on fabrics for the gowns. This shows how each little artwork can build up to form a finished look to an attire. This is a great example of being able to express art forms in fashion while making it wearable.
Here, art is used in it's most basic form; the use of geometric shapes. Geometric shapes are used to form patterns for the fabrics. Also, the choice of color is very well chosen in this collection. Overall, all designers are able to mix art and utilize it to make a functional piece of apparel. In the end, we see that art cannot be avoided when it comes to fashion. The need for creativity in art and fashion are equally used.

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