Friday, September 19, 2008

Back to the past?

Of course everyone knows that fashion is a cycle that renovates and repeats itself and it surely shows in the latest fashion collection for Spring 2009. These designers had the same idea in mind and in a way, they all had similarities in their collection in that it somehow dealt with the past. With inspired looks from past decades, designers have transformed that into the new look for today's fashion. It's inspiring to see with the alterations in fabrics and design, clothing style combined from past centuries and today can seem possible and become an even more inventive collection. 
For instance here with Marc Jacobs collection, he had a mix with what seems like something from "Little House on the Prairie" and some influences with the japanese kimono by adding the bold waistline. In general, Marc Jacobs did a great job covering every aspects by combining influences from other centuries as well as countries. A job well done!
Then there's "Miss Sixties," almost Twiggy style coming to life again through Oscar de la Renta collection represented here. I can see these influences through the one piece dresses and jackets.
BRAVO to all!

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