Friday, September 12, 2008


Organic clothing has grown on us all and is becoming 
more of a focus for many manufacturers. So is it really as great as it is being advertised for? I believe so. So the next question is why and what are the benefits? 
Organic cotton is softer than conventional cotton, therefore, it's major consumers are parents who are purchasing clothes for their infants. This is also beneficial for those who have many allergic reactions because these organic cotton does not consists of any chemicals. These chemicals like insecticides and pesticides have led to environmental pollution so with the help of these organic clothing, the amount of pollution can be decreased greatly. So it is believed that organic clothing can bring better health for consumers as well as being a major addition in environmental conservations. Products we purchase can either influence our environment in a bad 
or good way so the next time you're out shopping, THINK TWICE!
Though some may think that organic clothing can seem plain, but with the right accessory, an outfit can look incredibly cute. For instance, these hemp products like purses or bandanas with detailed designs can be just what you're missing in an outfit! 

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