Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Well Hello Sunshine!

Faux fur vest, Macy's. Blouse, TJ Maxx. Purse, Vintage. Handbag, Margot. Wedges, Nine West.
Today was surprisingly warm after a freezing week! Nice sunny days like this makes me want to have a picnic. Too bad my entire day was consumed with classes. Yay for no class/hump day tomorrow! Speaking of which... I need to pick up some car parts we just ordered. I doubt I will get to drive my baby around anytime soon. A very sad story.
Boots, Delia's. Shorts, thrifted. Tank, Aerie. Plaid shirt, Wal-Mart.
So... guess who I bumped into after my studio class? Lovely miss Leah! I adore her outfit and of course had to stop her to snap some photos to share!

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