Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mixing & Matching

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The one thing most people are afraid of when it comes to denim is pairing them together. It is very tough to find the exact denim jeans to match with a denim jacket or vest because most likely, the wash never matches. My solution to matching is to NOT match! Pairing light denim with dark will actually add an interesting contrast which gives an interesting look. In this outfit, I paired my new, free pair of Wrangler jeans with a vintage vest. Not only can you play with the wash but it's age as well; new vs. old.

I received a free pair of Wrangler denim thanks to VF employee store. This is my first time owning a pair of "Cowgirl Riding Jeans". The fit is great and the quality is top notch. I was a little hesitant at first because I do not ride horses nor do I consider myself a cowgirl but after second thoughts, I wouldn't mind wearing it. As long as the fit is great, I think anything goes!

Also, reserve your pair of my new SA designs denim launching this Fall! Be the first to find out when the jeans go on sale!


Kimberly said...

Hey !
I like the way you match the jeans by not matching them. I'm in love with your flare jeans :)

menina elegante said...

lving the jeans on jeans. :) x

Anonymous said...

That was an good tip for when it comes to denim. Thanks! I will probably copy it some day.

Cecylia said...

you're wearing the 70s look superbly ! Love your style!
Come follow my blog :)

Pieter said...

Love the denim jacket!

Want to follow each other? :) x

Kel said...

This is an awesome and uber groovy outfit!

I've just started following you on bloglovin' so look forward to seeing more!

With lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

Come see why I 'wear the pants'

Jessica Szeto said...

hey song anh! I just discovered your blog. I think you are beautiful, and the quotation you put on your profile is very touching. keep up the great work!

Lynzy said...

Loving your denim on denim look. That white off the shoulder top is adorable as well! :) Loving your blog!

xo Lynzy

Emma said...

Super cute. Love the idea of matching denim -- You pull it off so well :) I think I'll try this soon!

Loving/following your blog.
Check mine out:

Notes She Wrote

Julie said...

So cute!! I love for denim on denim!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Such a beautiful outfit! Those jeans fit you like a glove! xoxoxoo

MDS* said...

I like the first picture!

Anonymous said...

I love the different shades of denim. Great outfit!

xox Courtney Michele
Breakfast in Wonderland

Amanda said...

love this denim-on-denim look! those jeans look great on you, girl!


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