Friday, February 25, 2011

Raining Cats & Dogs

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Since I'm tiny, I've always been worried to wear skirts that pass my knee. I feel like the skirt will eat me up. I braved my fears and finally went for it. These tights are actually very glittery but the pictures didn't presented that very well.
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This vintage blouse was purchased from Design Archives. I was attracted to the laced collar. It's been raining so much lately and I'm ready to soak in the sun!


amalie said...

lovely outfits! i love that skirt - it definitely did not eat you up!


ooh I love the last outfit so much!!! you overknees and shorts! wow!!!


Anonymous said...

Don't take this the wrong way, this is no critism but the outfit with the blue dress is really a MISS!
Don't you want people to look at your outfit with WOW in their face instead of a doubtful look considering you want to survive as a fashion designer later on?
Variation is good. Exaggerate in a WOW way not a CUTE SCHOOL GIRLS's WAY :D

Under the Spell said...

Anonymous, Blogging is not about leaving rude anonymous comments. It is about gathering inspiration from other real people. If you didn't think the outfit was a "hit" you should just keep it to yourself... especially because you didn't take the time to even really look.. its not a blue dress, its a skirt! Also, a fashion designers personal style choices are often not a reflection of their actual designs.


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