Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weekend Wars

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The knitted skirt in the last set of images is made by my beloved mother. I am lucky to have such a talented mother who teaches me so many things. Not only life lessons but she's also the inspiration to follow my dreams and pursue them. I love her dearly.
This has been the longest week! Today is the first day I officially made up for the lack of sleep I've been missing all week long. I literally went through 3 straight days with only 5.5 hours of sleep. On day 3, I really felt as if I was hallucinating. The most terrible feeling. I wish it was avoidable but it's tough having 2 projects due back to back. I'm sure everyone is guilty of being a procrastinator but this semester, I am determine to not be a victim. So I've worked diligently and consistently every day. So how is it that I feel like I'm doing everything right yet I end up pulling all nighters the night before the projects are due still? Sigh...
Well here is one of the project I had to complete. For my studio class, we were assigned to use 3 beefy Hanes t-shirts and design a garment using ALL 3 t-shirts (literally every part of it. From the tags to the ribbed collars). I did a weaving piece to go with the bottom part of the dress and dyed parts of this dress with thai tea. The colors turned out great and better than I had anticipated.
I don't have a good quality image of the finished product but here is the design at it's working stage when I worked on it over the past weekend.
I also purchased a Wacom Bamboo tablet and am in love with it. It's so great for beginners who are exploring Adobe, like myself. I find it to be so helpful when using Adobe Illustrator. I highly recommend this because it's so affordable and does its job great!
This is a one of my favorite thing about Lunar New Year. This treat is called banh tet which is traditionally eaten on "tet" (Lunar New Year) day.


paperwhales said...

Aww I love how you're wearing that knitted skirt made by your mom! That is so cool! My mom used to be a seamstress so I learned how to sew ever since I was very little. I love what you did with the weaving. I always admire details like that since I know it's very consuming. Hope we can see the final product!

Happy new year! I'm Vietnamese so I definitely celebrated with my family. I hope you ate a bunch of incredible food!

paperwhales said...

Oh yeah, I also swear my mom makes the best banh tet in the world! She makes a whole bunch for tet every year. Hooray for moms haha

Fabliha said...

I love your blog and your style!


cryskay said...

i love every single outfit! esp the first one. the print on your top is gorgeous. btw im your newest follower. xo

Giedre said...

Love the t-shirt project! It's looking great and you should definitely post an image of the finished product! I just found your blog through the Location Central blog that Slumber Designs set up - huzzah for North Carolinian bloggers! :) Looking forward to following!

Meg said...

wrap and belt combination it`s so coll

Pop Champagne said...

loveee the first outfit, and the second one with the scarf as a shirt looks super cool too!


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