Friday, April 22, 2011

Cool Tones

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Happy Good FRIDAY & Earth Day everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your day. Over here in North Carolina, it's a bit chilly & gloomy but I thoroughly enjoyed my day off. It was very misty when we took these shots so the pictures may look a bit grainy because of that. This is just a casual outfit today because I didn't bring any clothes home for the weekend.

Also, don't forget to help vote my design to be Vanity Fair's Wrangler "Next Blue" Jean design. This means a great deal to me and your support will be very much appreciated!


Sylwia said...

adorable!! you have a great sense of style!! and this beautiful background!! wow! :):)
great post xx

happy easter.

rae said...

love the pants!

chloe chante said...

youre lovely!
Like youre blog!
I put you in my favorite blog list! realy like youre blog!
I'm following now!
wanna follow me?

Dilan Dilir said...

lovely :)

cryskay said...

so casual yet so chic. this is something i would wear & i have very similar pieces. gorgeous photos!

Ellie said...

This is such a great outfit!! Love these photos theyre absolutely beautiful. I'm off to vote!
Ps love your blog definitely following!
Have a great day :)


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