Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wrangler "Next Blue" Design Winner

Hello fellow bloggers & friends! I have great news. My design is the winning design for Vanity Fair's Wrangler "Next Blue" Design Competition! I am so grateful for this opportunity and I could not have done it without all of the support. All of the contestants did a tremendous job and I was very fortunate to compete with such talented designers, a "butt therapist" & a jean specialist. I am incredibly excited and cannot begin to imagine the many possibilities that is ahead of me. Thank you so much to everyone who've supported & helped me spread the throughout this competition. We did it! My family members are so proud of me and I think that's what makes me happiest. I feel so thankful to have such great family, friends & friends of friends. Thank you all! I will try to continue to keep you updated on this wonderful journey with Wrangler. It's time for the jeans to go through production! So look out for SA jeans to go out in stores and this Fall! Photobucket For now, here are some updates on some local interviews and news I've been invited to be in these past 2 days: This is a newspaper article I did an interview with the Greensboro News & Record Photobucket Here is another online article they've posted on their site. You can click here to read more. Photobucket This is from Fox 8 News. We actually did an on-camera interview but because of the terrible storm that occurred yesterday, most local news were not shown. So they've posted a quick summary here. (Error: I will be applying for an internship, so for now, I am not interning for Wrangler yet) Hopefully, they will air it later on today! I will update you if that happens! Photobucket That's all for now! I am actually getting ready now to do an interview with with News 14! So excited! Will keep you all updated so be sure to check back! Have a wonderful day everyone!


paperwhales said...

CONGRATULATIONS SONG ANH!!!!!!! Your family and friends must be so proud of you! Can't wait to see your design come to life in the fall.

Giedre said...

CONGRATS!!! That is SO FREAKIN EXCITING! Also, since I went to UNC-A, I feel like you're at a sister college, so I have extra reason to be proud! :)


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