Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let Loose!

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My mother's first reaction when she saw these pants were, "why are you buying pants that I used to wear?" and laughed. Of course trends come and go but I currently love loose slacks like these. They're very comfortable and you definitely do not feel restricted in them. I also like the fact that I can wear it high-waisted because in all honesty, I kind of love lots of things high-waisted when it's done right.

And for those of you who are already a fan of H&M, here's a reason to love it more!


Anonymous said...

Me too. DIY shorts are my love! I would like them all;)

OMG! This outfit is great! I want those shoes!


Francesca said...

aww thank you :) YOU are the gorgeous one. i seriously love this outfit! x

Luísa Lión said...

oh girl you have noo idea how compfy sandals and flipflops can be for once ;) I'm usually always in heels as well and they have already deformed my feed :( But some cute summer sandals are a really good alternative ;)


RCagz said...

Haha I love your mum's comment :D fashion does come around in circles doesn't it?!
I love the print on them btw, great outfit xoxo

Bad Joan said...

Awesome outfit! Those pants look amazing on you!


Anonymous said...

Nice outfit, even if I am not a fan of trousers. The sleeves of your shirt, is it a pattern with dots or is it more "holes" in it?

(Hope you get what I mean, I am married to an english person, but still my english is not good enough, lots of words I don't know).

In Love with San Diego said...

Loooove your pants! And I'm so excited about Versace for H&M! Like, camping out excited! LOL

Fab blog! Follow each other?


Le Sapphire Blue said...

i love this!



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