Saturday, May 14, 2011

What Will The Future Hold?

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Yesterday, I visited my high school to speak to the apparel students. I gave them a mini presentation of what I've done ever since I've graduated and explained how my apparel courses in high school have benefited me greatly now. It was so great to see how attentive all the students were. Afterward, some students came to ask questions and some mentioned about attending my university next year and even majoring in Apparel Product Design. One girl came up to me and told me that she didn't know what she wanted to major in but after hearing my speech, she is very excited to learn more about the apparel design major and considers joining the program. Hearing that really means the world to me. To be influential or a role model to someone is such an honorable feeling.

I was also very excited to see my apparel and art teacher again! They are the two most influential teacher/people in my life. They've taught me so much and have been a wonderful mentor to me. They've always believed in me and was a big encouragement for me. I can't ask for better teachers and am so appreciative for all they've done. Seeing how happy and proud they were of me made me feel accomplished. I want to show them that everything they've taught me did not go to waste and I will forever carry on the passion they've given in teaching their students into my work. Hearing them say, "this is the reason why we love teaching and never want to retire", encourages me to continue to strive.


Giedre said...

I love doing things like that - speaking with high school students, I mean - and helping them figure out what they might want to do in the future! :) Also, totally loving your shoes! So. cute.

estela.pereira said...

Cute!! I like your nails:)

Cup of Fashion said...

Thanks ladies!
Estela, do you have a blog? I went to your profile hoping to find something. Would love to see your stuff! :)

Diamonddigger said...

well done, girl!
love the outfit too... you have such a lovely blog! x


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